Kena's Story

"Never give up!"

Kena (left) and her case manager Tammy. Show Kena your support by making a donation today.

Kena was a stay-at-home mother of four when her husband left in 2003.  He took everything, including their car.  Kena was emotionally traumatized and depressed.  She quickly lost the job she got to support her family because she was missing too much work when her kids got sick.  When she lost her income, she lost her kids.  She couch surfed, staying anywhere that would have her, including living in her storage unit temporarily.  Then, tragedy struck again and Kena was severely injured in a car accident.  It wasn't until she was staying in a shelter that she began to stabilize for the first time in years.  However, after 90 days, her time in the safety of the shelter was up.  That is when she was referred to LSS.

Today, Kena works for the shelter that started her on her road to success.  She also shares custody of her children with their father.  The road, however, is not always easy.  Tammy, Kena’s LSS case manager, regularly communicates with Kena, and they work together to overcome challenges that arise.  Kena says: “Tammy has been wonderful.  Her consistency has allowed me to feel a connection.  I thank God that LSS has been there for me.  If I didn’t have LSS behind me, I would be back on the streets.  I’ve taken what’s been offered and spread it around. I have hope and I don’t give up.” That’s right, Kena, keep it up!

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