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LSS of Northern California supports dignity and stability for our community’s most vulnerable by providing supportive housing services that lead to self-sufficiency. Our services are effective and cutting edge, developed through over 50 years of experience with those we serve, their communities and our service partners.  

•    LSS staff meet people where they are and accompany them on their journey towards transformation, healing and self-sufficiency;
•    We respect each individual and treat them with dignity;
•    We provide the tools to help each individual or family to build a new foundation for their life.

Although regional in geography, we are a team that works together -- program and administration -- to provide those we serve with excellent service, our service and funding partners with current information of the impact they are making with us, and each other with the support that enhances the work environment.

Qualities We Value

  • A strong belief in the Human Spirit
  • Efficiency and motivation
  • Trauma Informed care
  • Acceptance and respect
  • Empowerment
  • Participant centered and focused service
  • Adaptability to change and new ideas
  • Belief in being a tool for change
  • Engagement with individuals and partners to build communities

If you feel that your qualifications fit one of our openings and the qualities we value resemble your own, we invite you to apply to one of our available positions.

Open Positions

For available positions in San Francisco, click here!

For available positions in Sacramento and our Inland Region, click here!


We do not accept personal calls or emails for the application process.

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