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Zak's Closet - Sacramento

Zak's Closet is a free clothing, jewelry, make-up and accessories boutique located in downtown Sacramento that provides transgender and non-binary youth with the opportunity for you to express your best self!

All our clothing items are either new or gently used and clean!
The closet is located in Downtown Sacramento and is open by appointment only
Text: (916) 585-2486

If you are a transgender or non-binary youth in need of emergency services or assistance please call: (916) 442-0185

Available Items:

Hoodies | Sweats | Collared, Buttoned Shirts | T-Shirts | Tank Tops |
Dresses & Vests | Neckties & Bowties | Shorts | Skirts | Fanny Packs | Purses |
Pants | Hats | Leggings | Jackets | Breast Binding & Tape | Make-Up | Jewelry | Underwear

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