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LSS of Northern California's mission is to promote stability and honor the dignity of those we serve by providing supportive housing services that lead to self-sufficiency.

News & Notes

Following the lead of other states, two California Assembly members have proposed legislation that would create residential housing for low- and middle-income individuals families similar to successful models in Europe and Asia.

The 2019 annual point-in-time count to identify the number of homeless and unsheltered individuals brought unfortunate news. The scale and growing magnitude of the homeless crisis in California and the Bay Area cannot be ignored. California alone accounted for about 80% of national homeless population growth. California growth at 10,000+ led top ten states by a LOT (Texas was a distant second at roughly 1,400). Nationally homeless populations rose by 3% while California surged by about 40%. Please support LSS and other nonprofits committed to helping lift people out of homelessness.

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