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Zak's Closet - Sacramento

Clothes For Those Who Are Extraordinary Jo/Joes

Make a difference in the lives of transgender and non-binary youth in the Sacramento area by donating your unique and fun lightly used clothing!

Zak's Closet is a free clothing, jewelry, make-up and accessories boutique located in downtown Sacramento that provides transgender and non-binary youth with the opportunity for you to express your best self!

For Donations

*Zak's Closet will only accept donations per the attached schedule. 

All clothing items must be: a) New or b) Gently used and Clean

*Items accepted at any time!

  • Breast binding & Tape
  • Make-Up (unused!)
  • Jewelry (esp. bracelets & rings)
  • New Underwear (All kinds!)

Donation Times: Wednesdays & Fridays - 10am-12pm

Please text or call for location & more information:
(916) 585 - 2486

Donation Items by Month

January: Hoodies & Sweats

February: Collared, Buttoned Shirts

March: T-shirts & Tank tops

April: Dresses & Vests | Neckties & Bowties

May: Shorts & Skirts

June: Collared, Buttoned Shirts | Tank Tops

July: Fanny Packs & Purses

August: Shorts & Flip Flops

September: Leggings & Hats

October: Jackets

November: Pants

December: New Underwear (All sizes & colors!)


New Underwear is a highly desired item and Zak's Closet happily accepts any NEW underwear, any size and color, at all times!

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