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Building Bridges

You can help provide Kena the support she needs when you make a gift to LSS today.

“If I didn’t have LSS behind me, I know I would be back on the streets. I can call my case manager whenever I need to. It means so much to have that kind of support.

Before I began working with my case manager at LSS, I only saw my kids on the weekends.  Now I get to send them off to school. I am so grateful to be where I’m at today. My case manager has been wonderful. Her consistency has allowed me to feel a connection and I appreciate the support the program provides.”- Kena

Building Bridges provides supportive services to individuals and families who left temporary housing and moved to their own homes, and provides case management services to clients who live in permanent supported housing throughout Sacramento County. Case managers work with participants to address barriers such as mental health diagnosis and alcohol and drug addictions, which become obstacles to clients remaining housed. 

Case managers work closely with clients to build on strengths to maintain permanent housing and increase self-sufficiency. Each individual or family creates their own case plan with the case manager to ensure that support is in place, and to take concrete steps for desired improvements. If there is a crisis, case managers are available to work with clients to create a recovery plan to regain stability.

Because the housing support is permanent, clients are able to build positive, trusting relationships with their case managers.  This relationship establishes a supportive foundation to address concerns and celebrate successes.                                                                    

  Program Outcomes

· 98% of clients remained in housing for one year or more.

· 99% of adults and children in the program have medical coverage.


Donate to help support the work and programs of LSS.

  • ELCA
  • LCMS
  • LSA
  • Dignity Health
    Dignity Health

    Collaborative partnership with LLS of Northern California in Housing with Dignity program, Sacramento

  • Received grant for $3,000 2017 request

  • Frank A. Campini Foundation
    Frank A. Campini Foundation
  • Lutheran Care for the Aging
    Lutheran Care for the Aging

    endowment that funds LSS Support for Seniors program in SF

  • Bernard E. and Alba Witkin Foundation

  • logo with both brands

  • for CDBG funding to renovate V Street property

  • World Centric
    World Centric

    In kind sponsor of compostable paper products to SF

  • Walter S. Johnson Foundation
    Walter S. Johnson Foundation

    grant for business planning related to youth employment program development

  • Wells Fargo
  • Anthem
  • Del E. Webb
    Del E. Webb
  • Safeway Foundation
    Safeway Foundation
  • Cal CASA
    Cal CASA
  • Kaiser Permanenete
  • Sisters of St. Joseph
  • Thrivent Financial

  • CFC
  • United Way
    United Way

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