Big Day of Giving 2018

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Your support of LSS of Northern California on Big Day of Giving, May 3, is essential to ensure stability with dignity for the youth we serve. You may also schedule your donations in advance starting April 18 at

Help LSS Raise $25,000 For Youth

120 youth, most of them former foster youth, reside in an LSS supportive housing program. Your gifts to LSS help furnish their apartments with household essentials such as cleaning supplies, cookware, and bedding, which create a safe place for them as they make the journey to self-sufficiency. 

Client Created Art Gallery

In celebration of Big Day of Giving, LSS is pleased to present Reflections, a gallery featuring client created artwork on May 3. Learn more. 

About LSS of Northern California

LSS of Northern California promotes stability and honors the dignity of those we serve by providing supportive housing services that lead to self-sufficiency. Stable housing is our blueprint for success. 

What is Big Day of Giving?

Big Day of Giving is a 24-hour online giving challenge. A program of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, it is a small moment in time when the region takes a day to celebrate the spirit of giving and the work nonprofits do to help our region flourish.

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24 Hours to Give Where Your Heart is

Credit and debit card donations may be made at your convenience via the Big Day of Giving donation website for the 24-hour period of May 3, 2018. Gifts may also be scheduled ahead of time by using the "schedule your gift" feature which will become available starting on April 18.

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Gifts made to LSS of Northern California on Big Day of Giving 2018 support youth ages 18-24 on their journey to self-sufficiency. Schedule your gift ahead of time starting April 18.

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Client Success Stories

  • Leea, Fostering Future Success
    Leea, Fostering Future Success

    Leea was born into a world of constant chaos. Traumatic events filled her childhood, and stability was nowhere to be found. Even though her family has no desire to change, Leea wanted more for herself and her child.

    Although she was nervous when she first entered FFS, Leea chose to take advantage of available mental health services at the recommendation of her case manager. She’s fully engaged and has begun to really open up about the experiences of her past. She’s really moving forward in her journey towards happiness and healing.

  • Sierra, Fostering Future Success
    Sierra, Fostering Future Success

    When Sierra entered the FFS program, she was very reserved. She would express interest in being part of different projects and activities but was hesitant to be fully involved.

    In the past six months, Sierra’s confidence level has grown leaps and bounds. She now volunteers with the Sierra Service Project and Youth Simply Giving Back. She assists with donation distributions as well as new client orientations within the youth program. She also runs her own website through which she sells her own original artwork, and she regularly attends art classes.

  • Tanisha, Step Up Sacramento Youth
    Tanisha, Step Up Sacramento Youth

    Tanisha came to us after a long period of chronic homelessness. She had been living in a motel and couch surfing with her young son, who is autistic. She had been searching for a job but struggled to find childcare and flexible hours to meet the needs of her son.

    Since entering our program. Tanisha has worked very hard with her case manager on budgeting and saving. She has been able to put money away in a savings account, and she now has a car. She has been working on creating goals for her education, employment, and overall life plan.