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Concord & Stockton Programs

LSS programs in Concord, Stockton and Redding focus on homeless and transitional age youth (TAY), who are exiting the foster care system and struggling with housing.

Due to histories of maltreatment and exposure to violence, children in foster care are three to seven times more likely than non-foster care children to have physical and mental health issues that often persist into adulthood. Up to 80% of children in foster care have significant mental health issues compared to just 22% in the general child population (Edwards, Holden, Feletti, & Anda 2003, Kerker & Dore, 2006).  As youth transition or 'age out' of the foster care system, many continue to have chronic health problems.  Mental health issues for foster youth are often under treated or poorly managed due to frequent placements, lack of health insurance and not having a medical home (Christian & Schwartz, 2011). These issues can be further compounded by social challenges faced by many foster youth such as poverty, unemployment and homelessness.

LSS creates individualized learning groups for developing employment skills, financial literacy, and healthy living for transitional age foster youth throughout Concord, Stockton and Redding.  We walk hand in hand with our youth on their journey to adulthood, and help them feel that they can attain their hopes and dreams.

  • ELCA
  • LCMS
  • LSA
  • Dignity Health
    Dignity Health

    Collaborative partnership with LLS of Northern California in Housing with Dignity program, Sacramento

  • Received grant for $3,000 2017 request

  • Frank A. Campini Foundation
    Frank A. Campini Foundation
  • Lutheran Care for the Aging
    Lutheran Care for the Aging

    endowment that funds LSS Support for Seniors program in SF

  • Bernard E. and Alba Witkin Foundation

  • logo with both brands

  • for CDBG funding to renovate V Street property

  • HRS
  • World Centric
    World Centric

    In kind sponsor of compostable paper products to SF

  • Walter S. Johnson Foundation
    Walter S. Johnson Foundation

    grant for business planning related to youth employment program development

  • Wells Fargo
  • Anthem
  • Del E. Webb
    Del E. Webb
  • Safeway Foundation
    Safeway Foundation

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