Saybrook Program

“If my family and I would have been living somewhere else, we would probably be homeless because of my mother’s medical leave at work. Saybrook has provided me and my family with a home and people who I can call my friends and family, and since the rent’s low, we get enough clothes and food.”

In Sacramento County, 74% of people who are homeless have at least one disability. Saybrook Permanent Supportive Housing Program provides a compassionate, integrative, and comprehensive support system for families coping with mental health disabilities, as well as with alcohol and other drug addictions.

More on the Saybrook Program

Families entering the program must be a family unit, with at least one child under the age of 18. They must have one adult who has a disability. In families where substance abuse is a factor, family members must be clean and sober and willing to participate in a relapse prevention or recovery program.

As they enter the program they’re provided with a case manager and help buying household necessities to give them a fresh start. Adult family members are assessed by substance abuse and mental health specialists to determine their case management needs—services that can make all the difference in preventing a return to homelessness. Our services have helped 85% of Saybrook families remain in housing for six months or more, achieving stability and self-sufficiency.

Case managers provide services on site, providing families with immediate crisis intervention and counseling if needed. Working closely with residents, they develop plans, provide referrals, provide family counseling, and collaborate with public and community providers and advocate on behalf of their clients to get needed services. Case managers also work with client families to build personal relationships, create individual goals, and to guide and encourage them towards self-sufficiency.

Saybrook community activities are driven by residents’ interests and needs and designed to encourage a community spirit and individual empowerment. Youth programs include life skills, anger management, drug and gang prevention, building self-esteem, after-school tutoring and homework assistance, the use of a computer lab, and employment readiness and support services. On site childcare provides professionally licensed day care, kindergarten readiness, early literacy programs, and parent education.

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