Adolfo Program

Lutheran Social Services of Northern California provides support and housing for youth emerging from foster care in Sacramento. Adolfo is a permanent supportive housing program in Sacramento County serving emancipated foster youth who are homeless and have a disability.

“I grew up in foster care, and without Adolfo, I don’t know where I would be. This program has given me the hope and chance to give my kids a better life than I had.”

At age eighteen, a foster youth is considered an adult by the system, and he or she is no longer eligible for support. More than half of these teenagers leave the system alone and without family or other positive role models to help them make the crucial transition into adulthood.

About 30-45% of these young people will become homeless, and because they face unique challenges in seeking jobs, half of them are unemployed. Many foster youth are stigmatized by their status as dependents of the system. Because of the chaotic nature of their lives, they are often behind in educational achievement and preparation for independent living.

More about Adolfo

Adolfo provides intensive and comprehensive case management to help youth become self-sufficient. We aid them in creating obtainable goals, building rapport with their case managers, and starting the process of becoming independent.

Building a relationship is the most important role a case manager plays in lives of these young people. Case managers help the youth to problem-solve situations and teach conflict resolution skills. We realize that without this type of assistance fragile young people emerging from foster care are only one step away from becoming homeless. Adolfo seeks to prevent a return to homelessness by fostering personal and economic self-sufficiency through strengthening the youths’ support system and their desire to fulfill their potential and mobilize their abilities. By creating individualized learning groups for developing employment skills, financial literacy, and healthy living, we are listening to what our youth tell us they want and helping them along their journey to adulthood.

Our youth are embraced by the community through program partnerships with the Sacramento Department of Human Assistance, Department of Health & Human Services Independent Living Program (ILP),One-Stop Career Centers and local churches. We educate the community about their struggles and how to help them believe in their dreams.

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