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Lutheran Social Services of Stockton

LSS-Sacramento began providing services in Sacramento County 48 years ago and has been extremely successful in the development and implementation of nine HUD and two THP-Plus funded housing programs in both Sacramento and San Joaquin counties.  LSS-Sacramento’s housing services range from transitional housing for families and youth, to permanent supportive housing for disabled individuals, families, and emancipating foster youth, to case management programs for those individuals and families in permanent housing.  LSS-Sacramento also provides HPRP (Housing Placement and Rapid Re-housing Program) services to homeless individuals and families and those in jeopardy of losing their current housing.  This program focuses on rapid re-housing for those that are homeless and stabilization for those that are housed but in need of short-term assistance.

LSS-Sacramento participates in several collaboratives throughout Northern California, and has been successful in developing community partnerships that allow creative and innovative service development and implementation.  We currently have MOU’s with property management companies, Department of Mental Health, childcare providers, and in-home therapy providers.  We also believe in working together, at a number of levels, with consumers to develop client centered and driven services. [/box]

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