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GRACE at Work – January 2013

It’s Election Day at one of our Housing Sites! Grace at Work

Shoeshine Man

How even having the best intentions are not enough when you are homeless.
His Story

Hear Sera’s Story

Growing up Poor in San Francisco. Her Story

GRACE at Work – July 2012

Changing lives through Hope. Grace at Work

New CEO Hits the Ground RunningĀ – May 2012

Join us in welcoming our new CEO Carol Roberts. Web Press Release

GRACE at Work – March 2012

Andrea Andrews. This young woman is going places. Grace at Work

GRACE at Work – November 2011

Read up on our innovative new program: Mutual Housing at the Highlands. Grace at Work

GRACE at Work – May 2011

Project Hope is our focus this month. Grace at Work

GRACE at Work – March 2011

Our latest newsletter just went out. Read up on all the stories and latest happenings at LSS thanks to you and all of your donations. Grace at Work

Because… It’s the right thing to do…

Support and join us in our latest campaign to help resolve the many homeless issues we have. read more

GRACE at Work – January 2011

Our latest newsletter just went out. Read up on all the stories and latest happenings at LSS thanks to you and all of your donations. Grace at Work

Make The Connection

Make the connection and make a difference. When Thrivent members vote for Lutheran Services in America during the Thrivent Choice Winter Voting Event, LSA will win a portion of $1 million to be shared among seven human service organizations. Specific amounts will be based on the percentage of votes each organization receives. Vote Today

‘Tis the Season. Give a little more this Holiday.

This year you have done miraculous things with your time and donations. We have helped many youth and families with everything you have contributed. There is still so much more to do and with your help we can accomplish so much more. donate here…

It’s Thanksgiving! Read about the many events you help sponsor.

Thanks to you and all your many donations and effort have really helped and support our Organization. We were able to bring together many events for all our housing sites. All of our clients are so very pleased to receive your blessed bounty. see more…

Death toll rises from Haitian cholera outbreak

The country’s health ministry is reporting another 2,364 cases from the recent outbreak, said Imogen Wall, spokeswoman for the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. This comes after recent heavy rains caused the banks of the Artibonite River to overflow and flood the area. Dammed in 1956 to create Lac de Peligre, the Artibonite River is Haiti’s dominant drainage system. read more…

Rick Steves

Travel guru Rick Steves comes to Sacramento for a discussion of Travel as a Spiritual Act. Rick Steves–author of over 50 European travel guidebooks and host of the PBS-TV series. see more…

Faith and Families Golf Tournament

The annual golf charity event was on September 10, 2010. Thanks to our supporters it was an enormous success see the flyer

One Day to Prevent Homelessness

The economic crisis has produced a new face of the homeless: families and individuals displaced by job losses and the rise in foreclosures. These are people that have never been homeless before and are new to the social services system. see more…

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